Welcome to Azimuth.

We are a training consultancy who focus on improving Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. We have two areas of expertise; Human Performance and detailed Training Needs Analysis.

Human Performance includes Business Skills, Human Factors and High Performance Coaching. Business Skills are those skills an individual needs in order to succeed in business; Human Factors are the mindsets and behaviours that act as barriers to safe and successful working in high risk occupations; High Performance Coaching is the one to one coaching for those individuals where high performance is essential, such as Senior Executives, Pilots, Medics and Sports People.

Training Needs Analysis is fundamental to establishing your training needs against business objectives and operational requirements to ensure your business maintains a competitive advantage. Whether you need to establish the training requirements of your management team or formally consider training gaps and associated risk, proper Training Needs Analysis enables you to identify these and deliver effective professional solutions.

Our management team and consultants offer expertise and experience across a wide portfolio of Private and Public Sector clients.

Our Approach.

We believe that experiential learning is the most effective method for delivering adult learning and this is what we always deliver in the classroom.

We always allow participant to grasp the content in a way that works best for them before practising their skills with their fellow participants and receiving feedback on their performance. We also make the training real, using real life examples that participants can really relate to. This common context and opportunity for immediate feedback on performance enables each participant to recognise the best way for them to apply their new found knowledge and skills – this is what makes the behaviour change permanent.

We pride ourselves on delivering training that really does change behaviour for the better in the workplace, and the key component to this is ensuring that the training reflects the culture of the business; this is especially important for customer facing roles where perception and reputation are so important.

Our approach will take participants out of their comfort zone, it will be interactive using both theory and practical sessions, it will challenge their current perceptions and it will be fun.

Our Clients.

Our clients find that our personal and detailed approach to designing training really changes behaviour in the workplace. We always get to know the client first, and ensure that the training we deliver meets their exact needs while representing their corporate ethos, values and culture.